Most of my work is through V1 Climate Solutions, a FOAK-focused consulting firm. For other services below, please contact me.

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Core services

FOAK strategy & fundraising

Charting your journey to raise FOAK capital

  • Understanding different FOAK investors and their offerings
  • Creating a roadmap to FOAK deployment (and beyond)
  • Structuring a FOAK capital raise
  • Providing key contacts to potential investors

Capital Raising & M&A Transaction support

Boosting your profile to execute on the best transaction

  • Planning and designing a transaction timeline
  • Collaborating on key documents (pitch deck, data room files, model, etc.)
  • Strategizing around transaction execution
  • Providing key contacts to potential investors

Market mapping and research

Understanding the landscape of competitors and collaborators around you

  • Constructing and executing on a market study
  • Providing access to key players in the ecosystem
  • Delivering a nuanced understanding of the market and key questions asked
  • Helping you create a niche for your technology or business

Investment strategy advisory

Helping you create a fund that delivers industry leading returns and a unique value proposition

  • Providing access to new investment opportunities
  • Collaborating on key documents (LP fundraise deck, model, opportunity set, etc.)
  • Strategizing around fund mandate and focus areas

Supplementary services

Financial model construction

Working with your team to find a cost-effective way to build the best financial model for your needs

Pitch review

A one-on-one session to review and deconstruct your pitch, with immediately actionable recommendations post-session

Value-additive connections

Finding and sourcing critical new contacts to help amplify your business or upcoming capital raise

Review & analysis of key market events

Helping your team analyze new developments like the Inflation Reduction Act

For inquiries, please don't
hesitate to reach out