Speaking engagements

I’ve been lucky to have had the chance to share my thoughts in a public setting numerous times. I enjoy speaking on the topics of energy transition, climate tech, climate tech finance, fundraising and the finance ecosystem, and new technology for energy.

If you have a speaking opportunity you’d like to reach out on, please contact me.

Role Event Topic Date
Moderator ClimateCon “Leadership in Sustainable Business” 1/23/2024
Moderator Energy Supply Chain & Procurement Summit “How are Supply Chain / Procurement departments tackling Scope 3 requirements?” 12/5/2023
Speaker Greentown Labs Climate Tech Summit “State of the Field 2023: Houston’s Climate Tech Ecosystem” 11/1/2023
Moderator Fuze by Digital Wildcatters “Future Trends and Innovations: Breakthrough Tech in Energy” 10/30/2023
Panelist CCIA, Holland & Hart, and NREL Energy Connections “Show Me the Money: ESG From the Perspective of Investors” 5/17/2023
Speaker Golden Seeds Summit “Creative Angel Investing in Climate Tech” 5/3/2023
Moderator Carbon Tracking and Reporting Conference “Discussing the role of investors and the financial community in fighting or encouraging climate change” 3/30/2023
Speaker New Orleans Entrepreneur Week “State of the Transition: Energy Landscape” 3/30/2023
Moderator Climate Tech Circle Time “Specialist Climate VCs” 12/14/2022
Moderator QSI Symposium “Using Quantum Technologies in the Energy Industry” 2/28/2023
Judge VCIC MBA South Regional Finals held by Rice 1/27/2023
Speaker Climate Tech Circle Time “Specialist Climate VCs” 12/14/2022
Speaker Wicked Energy with JG Podcast “Bringing Awareness to Underrepresented Areas of Climate Tech” 11/17/2022
Judge Rice Cleantech Innovation Competition 10/2022
Panelist Fuze by Digital Wildcatters “Inflation Reduction Act: Building in America” 10/26/2022
Moderator Fuze by Digital Wildcatters “Hope or Hype? The New Hydrogen Economy” 10/26/2022
Panelist Energy Transition Investor Connex “Leveraging Infrastructure to Meet Decarbonization Goals” 10/17/2022
Speaker SPE Startup Village “Meet the Experts: How to leverage oil and gas experience to build a Cleantech Startup” 9/21/2022
Moderator Rice Alliance Energy Tech Venture Forum “Clean Energy Venture Capital” 9/15/2022
Moderator IoT in Oil and Gas “Utilizing digital technology to meet net zero goals” 9/13/2022
Judge Colorado School of Mines GEFI Innov8x Challenge 9/8/2022
Speaker Curiosity Podcast “Energize Your Humanity” 8/18/2022
Panelist Zero Conference by Digital Wildcatters “The Influence of ESG on Energy Finance” 6/2/2022
Panelist BHP “E and Tea Panel” 3/23/2022
Panelist ClimateCap “Investment Management” 2/26/2022
Judge VCIC South Regional Finals 2/11/2022
Panelist SPE EnergyDot “Workforce in Energy: What’s Next for Human Capital?” 2/10/2022
Speaker Chuck Yates Needs a Job Podcast “Etech Monkey Time” 1/26/2022
Panelist IPAA Capital Conference “Energy Transition” 1/20/2022
Moderator Energy Capital & Power US-Africa Energy Forum “Financing the Transition” 12/10/2021
Panelist Digital Wildcatters’ The New Wave “Energy Capital: Back to the Future” 11/17/2021
Speaker Houston Energy Breakfast “Reducing Global Emissions Through Carbon Solutions” 11/12/2021
Speaker Oil and Gas Onshore Podcast “Energy Tech Investing with Deanna Zhang” 10/25/2021
Panelist Kayo Energy Transition Summit “Is ESG Driving M&A in Energy and Power?” 9/22/2021
Panelist IoT in Oil and Gas “Towards the transition to carbon-free, sustainable renewables” 9/16/2021
Speaker SPE Startup Village “Trends in Energy Investments” 9/14/2021
Panelist OTC “How Sustainability Can Drive Innovation in the New Energy Ecosystem” 8/17/2021
Moderator TPH CCUS Day “The Future of Carbon Utilization" and Black Mountain Carbon Lock Q&A ” 7/13/2021
Moderator AES Summer Institute on Sustainability & Energy “Searching for New Infrastructure” 7/8/2021
Panelist BMNT/H4Xlabs/AES Deep Tech Summit “AMA: Energy Sector Opportunities Going Forward” 6/22/2021
Keynote Speaker Digitalization in Oil and Gas Canada 5/19/2021
Keynote Speaker Machine Learning in Oil and Gas 4/14/2021
Panelist Future Downstream Conference The Digital Journey - Has Downstream Fully Embraced Digital? 3/3/2021
Judge VCIC MBA South Regionals held by Rice 2/12/2021
Speaker Houston Innovator’s Podcast 2020’s Effect on Energy Transition 2/3/2021
Speaker Houston Innovator’s Podcast 2020’s Effect on Energy Transition 2/3/2021
Keynote Speaker Edge Computing Technologies in Oil and Gas 1/27/2021
Speaker Hart Energy Executive Oil Conference Winning in the “Energy Disruption 1/27/2021
Moderator and Speaker TPH Disruption: Rebellion 12/7/2020, 12/9/2020, 12/11/2020
Industry Q&A Panelist Rice Alliance Energy Tech Venture Forum 9/17/2020
Moderator SPE Dot Leadership Summit Energy in 2050 9/3/2020
Moderator Energy Tech Hub Panel “Impacting the Economic Future of the Energy Industry” 1/28/2020
Moderator and Speaker TPH Disruption: Upheaval “E-Tech Venture Capital” and “Where Are They Now?” 11/5/2019
Panelist Well Data Labs Power Up “Machine Learning Hopes and Dreams - "Three unique perspectives on data science and machine learning” 10/8/2019
Panelist SPE Dot Leadership Summit “Energy in 2050” 8/15/2019
Panelist SPWP “Changes in the Oil and Gas Culture” 6/13/2019
Panelist / Speaker Haynes Boone Oilfield Services Seminar “State of the Digital Oilfield” 5/9/2019
Keynote Microseismic User Forum “Making Geophysics Great Again” 1/31/2019